While your meal plan is all about YOU, we understand you may be cooking dinner for the family, and you won't want to be making two different meals each night!

That's why we have the option to scale the evening meal to whatever amount you need it to be.

This is a great feature that enables the whole family to eat a well balanced meal along with you.

The most important thing to remember when using this feature, is that the ingredients scale up based on YOUR meal size. Therefore if your partner eats twice as much food as you, you need to classify them as two serves.

For example, perhaps you're cooking for a teenager who plays heaps of sport...they may need three times as much food as you, so they would require 3 serves.

Of course you have the freedom to adjust the family portions and accompaniments as you like. You may have zoodles listed in your plan for dinner, but choose to give the kids pasta...it can all work.

Your shopping list will automatically scale up the ingredients from your plan according to the number of people you select to cook for.

If any changes are made to your profile during the week, they will come into action when the next plan generates.