It is totally understandable to feel frustrated when the weight isn't moving. There are many factors that can play a role.

Drinking more water is very important! Studies show that drinking water can boost your metabolism. As water is a major component of blood, it helps move glucose, nutrients and minerals through our bodies. It also enables affective flow of waste products along the gastrointestinal tract which speeds up digestion.

One study focused on drinking up to 500ml of water half an hour before eating and had favourable results. If you struggle with water you can try green tea or herbal tea.

Another option to try, is to mix up your breakfasts. If you're having cereal, try switching to egg recipes and see if that helps. You can go into your profile - then to breakfasts - and select the egg ones you like. That will come into play when next week's plan generates.

The other big one, that can get overlooked, is sleep! Make sure you're getting enough. Lack of proper sleep can impact weight. When you're not sleeping enough, you have higher levels of the 'hunger hormone' ghrelin, and lower levels of the 'fullness hormone' leptin.

Of course this brings us into the whole world of hormones that can play havoc for some people.

If you are concerned in any way, we recommend you speak to your doctor and be guided by their advice.