Lots of us enjoy a drink. Like everything we include in our diet, it’s a good idea to know what sort of effect it’s going to have on our health and wellbeing.

Now we’re not saying you can never have a drink again. That’s what your cheat meal is for. More on that later.

The reality is that alcohol plays havoc with our digestive system. It significantly slows down digestion, reduces the ability for the body to absorb nutrients, and increases the risk of disease.
Then there’s the calories! 1 gram of pure alcohol is equivalent to 7 calories. That’s before you’ve added any other ingredients to that drink. In a standard glass of beer or wine, you’re looking at 160 calories. That’s a lot.

Alcohol inhibits the messages from the brain to the kidneys and causes excess excretion of fluids. That can then lead to dehydration which has a host of negative effects.

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