Cheat meals are scheduled meals during your week where you can eat something outside of your plan. It could be a cheeky curry with friends or another kind of treat. They are there as a reward to keep you sane and on track. Real life involves eating out, socialising and indulging. We want an approach to our health and eating that is sustainable.

We encourage people to schedule their cheat meal on the weekend. For most of us the week is fairly structured. It’s easier for us to maintain our plan, and it actually helps the working week run smoother.

Weekends hopefully have some social time, where going out for dinner or visiting friends doesn’t have to make you feel like you’re going off the rails.

Having said that, we’re not talking about a full day of really unhealthy choices. We’re talking about looking forward to whatever you really love. Whether that’s a burger and chips, a glass or two of wine or your favourite dessert. Once again, you will feel a shift in what you want to eat, and how much you actually want to consume. The extreme sweetness of things will loose its appeal. Heavy pasta may make you feel bloated. Those glasses of wine may make you feel rubbish the next day. This doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy cheat meals. You will! Your body will just start to work better and consequently you’ll start to crave less sweetness and more well cooked healthier food. For example a beautifully cooked steak & vegetables with a glass of wine and a dessert sounds like a pretty good meal!