When it comes to fruit and vegetables, don’t overlook the convenience of freezing.

A great meal plan is about keeping things easy. If it saves you time, and you’re happy to use frozen vegetables, that’s fine!

You may find that there are certain things you’re happy to use frozen, and other things you prefer fresh. For example you may use frozen peas and beans, but enjoy fresh broccoli more. Whatever works for you.

You will notice that some smoothie and dessert recipes sometimes call for frozen fruit. Once again you can choose whether you buy it already bagged up at the supermarket, or do it yourself. Certain fruits that are available year round you may choose to freeze yourself, while others that are seasonal or tricky to get fresh, you may want to buy bagged.

Freezing fruit yourself is easy. Simply put a piece of baking paper on a chopping board. Slice or chop your fresh fruit into whatever size pieces you prefer and spread them on the paper. Put the board in the freezer for a minimum of an hour. Then take them off the paper and store in an airtight container or ziplock bag. Freezing them before you bag them will stop them sticking together.