We have done all the numbers for you.

We’ve calculated the correct amount of carbohydrates, fats and protein for your daily intake.

This number has then been divided across your snacks and meals to make sure you hit the exact calories required to reach your goal.

Our algorithm will calculate your meals to within 99.7% accuracy of your calorie target every single day. This keeps things targeted and helps you reach your goal.

We know you’re going to love some meals, and be not so excited about others. So we’ve included a feature that allows you to LOVE or AVOID each meal. That way, when your plan regenerates each week you’ll get your favourites coming back. It will always endeavour to skip the ones you weren’t crazy about.

With main meals, you can even click on SWAP and be presented with some similar alternatives.

You will find your taste buds start to change when you reduce the sugar and additives.

Your body will adjust, and won't need those things in the same way any more.

Eat your meals as they are listed and you WILL get there!