For a lot of women there will be times during the month when your weight fluctuates. Some women definitely gain weight during their menstrual cycle.

The good news is that it’s short lived and won’t affect the success of your plan.

There is a very wide range of symptoms women can experience. The most common ones are feeling bloated, having cravings, cramps and generally feeling a bit rubbish. If you’re one of these women, it’s not fun.

There are four main phases of the menstrual cycle:

The Follicular Phase

The Luteal Phase

Bloating usually begins in the follicular phase about a week and a half before your period starts. This is when oestrogen floods the system. About 5 days before your period in the luteal phase, progesterone replaces oestrogen and for most women the bloating will subside. This is when blood sugar control can be affected and the cravings come into play.

The great news is that some of the best approaches for dealing with many of these symptoms are things that are included in your meal plan.

Avoiding high sugar foods.

Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables.

Cutting back on alcohol and caffeine.

Trying to get as much sleep as you can.

Regular exercise - the release of endorphins helps.